Listen to Voicecorps

Age, vision loss, physical disability or any number of other causes can rob a person of the ability to read print. Voicecorps restores access to print by reading aloud from newspapers, magazines, and other germane information that we all use to run our lives. People listening to Voicecorps are better informed and are able to live more independently. Best of all, there is no charge for the use of our radio or programming.

There are many ways to hear Voicecorps. Call 614-274-7650 to learn the best option for you or your loved one.

Ways to Listen to Voicecorps

There are many ways to hear Voicecorps. Choose one or more of the options that best fits your needs or those of someone you are referring.

On Your Computer, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android Phone

Click here or select “Listen Live” in the main navigation.

Television and Cable

You may be able to listen to Voicecorps on your digital television! To find out if we have an over-the-air channel in your area call 614-274-7650.   If you have cable TV, you should first call your cable operator to see if they carry Voicecorps.

Alexa App

Amazon’s smart speakers Echo, Echo Dots, and other Alexa devices can play Voicecorps on command.  Call 614-274-7650 to learn more.

Audio on Demand

Listen any time to past shows, recordings, and on-demand audio books.

SCA Radio

A Pre-tuned radio receiver is available in the Columbus Metropolitan Area and in Portsmouth. The radio is on loan to you for as long as you need it. We can have the radio shipped to you in just a few days.  Fill out our online form by clicking this link. You can also download a registration form or call us at 614-274-7650 and we will fill in the registration while you’re on the phone!

Register online for Voicecorps Reading Service.