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Please consider supporting Voicecorps in your company workplace giving campaign.

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If your workplace campaign isn't listed here, please call us at 614-274-7650 or use our online donations page to make your personal monthly gift with a credit/debit card!

Thank you for supporting Voicecorps Reading Service, a proud member of Community Shares!

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Photo of three types of Amazon Alexa smart speakersVOICECORPS EVERYWHERE

With so many people adopting "tech gadgets" and with those same gadgets becoming easier to use, we're finding new listeners through the Amazon Alexa smart speakers. In the upcoming cooler weather, Voicecorps is focusing on finding people who need our reading service as a resident of assisted living centers, congregate care, or other settings where personal living space is at a premium. The tiny Echo Dot is going to be very helpful for those facilities that have WiFi available to residents.

If you know someone who could be eligible for Voicecorps reading services and know they have internet service and WiFi in their home, please ask them to call us and register for free reading services.  Our number is 614-274-7650.

If you have an unused Echo Dot and would like to donate it for the use of a Voicecorps listener, please securely package the device and send it to:

Voicecorps Reading Service
2955 W Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43204

Thank you for supporting the VOICECORPS EVERYWHERE project!