Volunteer Registration

Here is the quick and easy three steps to becoming a reader on Voicecorps:

STEP 1.)  Fill out the volunteer application form below.  Send your print application to Voicecorps, 2955 W Broad Street, Columbus OH 43204 or scan to our email address, voicecorps@voicecorps.org.  Online applications are transmitted securely to us when you click “Submit”.

STEP 2.)  If you wish to audition for a “reader” role, you’ll need to record an audition – You can record your audition at home and send it as an email attachment to the above address. Record about five minutes and include a couple of newspaper articles, a paragraph from a book, and part of a magazine article.  If you wish to read in our studios, indicate that on the application and we’ll reach out to schedule an appointment.

STEP 3.)  Stand by while we score your audition.  This may take several days, or even two weeks depending on how many other volunteers are in que ahead of you. We work diligently to give you as quick a response as possible.


If you pass the audition, you can be considered for an assignment to record at home or in-studio here in Columbus, Ohio.