February 18, 2022
The light at the end of the tunnel…
By Mark Jividen

Sometimes seems further away… Sadly, we’re still not able to permit a full compliment of volunteers back to our studios. Like you may be feeling, we don’t care for the situation much either, but we’re hoping you will understand as we continue to urge volunteers to read from home using a PC, smartphone, or plain-old telephone whenever possible.

Our facility maintains a strict mask and social distance protocols in compliance with the Mayor’s orders. (Mayor Ginther’s Order)¬†For the safety of all, we require that all volunteers or guests who wish to come into our building be fully vaccinated. It’s on the honor system, no one need show a vaccination record, but we feel that it is important that volunteers who cannot read from home and is willing to take the risk of being in a small studio space for 30 or 60 minutes can feel that Voicecorps is as safe a place to be as possible in these trying times.