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Learn more about Voicecorps

Learn more about Voicecorps

Learn more about Voicecorps

Learn more about Voicecorps

“Who do you know who needs Voicecorps?”

According to Vision Problems in the US1, there are as many as 42,000 people in range of Voicecorps’ radio signal who cannot use print because of a disability.  We’ve found that most often, these are men and women who have experienced vision loss late in life – after a lifetime of independent reading.  They are suddenly without coping skills, without access to information, and without assistance, are at extreme risk of isolation and depression.  We seek to change that and ask for your help.

senior lady having difficulty reading a newspaper

Who do you know who needs Voicecorps” is the phrase associated with our Spring awareness campaign.  We need to find people who are living with vision loss or other disability and offer our help.  The best part is, they don’t have to spend money to have our help!   Voicecorps does not charge for service, but instead relies on donations from the community.  In fact, that’s exactly how we’ve been providing a reading service on the radio for more than 40 years!

Once reconnected to the world of print, listeners to Voicecorps are better able to manage their own affairs. They have access to the same news and information they enjoyed before they experienced vision loss or disability.  With access to current news in the detail only available in print, our neighbors who need Voicecorps are making their own shopping list, keeping up on current affairs, learning about healthy living – at any age.

You can help by referring someone you know who has suffered vision loss or some other disability which prevents using print to Voicecorps today.  You can also donate to Voicecorps and help provide the radio programming or buy the special radios we loan to eligible listeners.  You may also wish to volunteer.

The most important thing is to keep Voicecorps in mind so that you can be that kind and caring friend or family member who gives the gift of reading back to someone who lost it due to age, illness, or disability.  Questions?  Read more of our page, follow us on Facebook, or call us at 614-274-7650.  Who do you know who needs Voicecorps?

1. Estimated Audience based on incidence of blindness and low vision statistics found at and includes all ages, genders, races.