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In response to our Spring letter asking for support, we heard from several very kind and generous listeners... here is one comment.
"Kudos to the volunteers who have been broadcasting from home; to those of you in the station for keeping on.  I enjoy exercising with Gail (Get Fit with Gail), the various 11AM programs (Morning Exchange), the Dispatch...
Keep up the good work."
- Pat O. Columbus Ohio.

We are happy to be here for you, Pat. Thanks for writing!

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 We’ve learned a lot these past 12 months. One big lesson was the quality and dedication of Voicecorps volunteers.  We found it difficult to keep some of the volunteers at home – they are so dedicated to their tasks! 

We also learned that they can learn how to read/record from home and that we needed to think differently about volunteerism.  In the coming months, we’re anticipating that some volunteers won’t be coming back. We’re not losing their time and talent, they are simply enjoying the ability to “phone it in”.  We’re expecting to expand our virtual volunteer duties, too.  This will help fulfill a long-desired service expansion of our on-demand and online only readings.  We imagine being able to offer complete grocery and other shopping ads as an on-demand audio file with the usual summary continuing to be offered on-the-air.

We can see that soon, some publications will only be read aloud on our internet offerings, while staples like the daily newspaper are expanded to provide more articles and perhaps be reformatted to better fit a broadcast-based delivery.

Regardless of which plans are put into action, we’ll still be dependent on faithful supporters who volunteer, donate, and advise.  Voicecorps did not get to be an Ohio institution by resisting change nor by attempting to do it all alone.  This is a job that must have donors – of both time and money, and we thank you for being that kind of person.

As we segue to a life without fear of COVID-19 we want to thank you for being part of our success in 2020. There wasn’t a day when the audience of Voicecorps had to go without the newspapers being read aloud. We found and read to new listeners. We trained current volunteers in new ways of doing the task of making print accessible.  We had your support and never felt alone.  Thank you.