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Voicecorps is a 24/7 information-access service utilizing radio, cable, television SAP, and the internet to provide access to print for people who cannot read the printed word. Anyone who cannot read print because of a disability is eligible for our service. Some listeners are totally blind while others have low vision from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, trauma or glaucoma. Some can no longer turn the pages of a newspaper because they have had a stroke or have Parkinson’s disease. Still others are unable to read due to dyslexia, or a military service related injury.

Voicecorps is the only service of its kind in Columbus, central and southern Ohio and in northwest and southeast Ohio through our affiliate broadcasters. Our programs are a high quality resource of vital news, information, education, and entertainment to those whose disabilities or other medical condition would otherwise deny them access to such material. The radio schedule features newspapers, magazines, assorted periodicals/journals and books. Some of our most popular offerings include grocery/retail ads, obituaries and live programs. Our “Morning Exchange” interview programs and public service announcements detail current topics, meetings and events in the area. Leading up to elections, our interview series informs listeners about candidates.

Our wide array of publications include: The Columbus Dispatch, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, This Week community newspapers, outlying area publications, Columbus Monthly, People, Redbook, Men’s Health, Time, Diabetes Forecast, Ohio Magazine and many others.Through Voicecorps reading service, people continue to have access to printed information previously available to them before vision loss or disability interfered. Voicecorps enables listeners to be informed citizens, enlightened voters and intelligent consumers.

OUR HISTORY: Until the early 1970's, there was no good way for people who were blind to access the contents of the daily newspaper. Voicecorps was founded as CORRS, the Central Ohio Radio Reading Service, by Irwin Hott, Fred Allemeier, and Stanley Doran, each of whom were blind. Our first day ‘on the air’ was November 17, 1975. Voicecorps was the first radio reading service in the state, the third reading service of its kind in the world and the first in the nation to be established by eligible recipients of the service.

Today, in addition to radio, cable, and television SAP channels we provide streaming audio, as well as on-demand audio through our website. To learn how to tune in Voicecorps in any of these formats, please call us at 614-274-7650.  Voicecorps is a proud member of both the Ohio Radio Reading Services - ORRS and the International Association of Audio Information Services - IAAIS.

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