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Whom we serve - VOICEcorps is a reading service for people who cannot read print due to a disability or medical condition. Some listeners are blind while others are living with low vision from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, trauma or glaucoma. Some listeners can no longer turn the pages of a newspaper because they have had a stroke or have Parkinson’s disease. 

Newspapers Still others are unable to read due to learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Anyone who cannot read a traditional newspaper because of a disability is eligible for free service. VOICEcorps is the only service of its kind for people living with print-impairing disabilities in Columbus, central and southern Ohio.  In our area, there are 42,000 adults who need VOICEcorps but do not know that we're here and ready to help.

What we read -
VOICEcorps is a high quality resource of vital news, information, education, and entertainment to those whose disabilities or condition would otherwise deny them access to printed material.

VOICEcorps features newspapers, magazines, assorted periodicals/journals and books. Some of our most popular offerings include grocery/retail ads, obituaries and live programs. Our “Morning Exchange” interview programs and public service announcements detail current topics, meetings and events in the area. Leading up to elections, our interview series informs listeners about candidates.

Our wide array of publications include: The Columbus Dispatch, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, This Week community newspapers, Outlying area publications, Columbus Monthly, People, Redbook, Men’s Health, Time, Diabetes Forecast, Ohio Magazine and many more.

Man using VOICEcorps radio at work.

Through VOICEcorps reading service, people can continue to access the same printed information available to them before their vision loss or other disability occurred. VOICEcorps enables them to be independent and informed citizens, enlightened voters and participants in the communities where they live.

How we began - In the early 1970s, there was no good way for people who were blind to get the contents of the daily newspaper. VOICEcorps was founded as CORRS, the Central Ohio Radio Reading Service, by three local blind men; Irwin Hott, Fred Allemeier, and Stanley Doran. CORRS radio's first day ‘on the air’ was November 17, 1975. This made VOICEcorps the first radio reading service in the state, the third reading service of its kind in the world and the first in the nation to be established by consumers of the service.

Broadcast reach - VOICEcorps reading service is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The primary means of delivering our news and information is through our radio broadcasts. Eligible individuals are provided with a special radio at no cost to them, or directed to another means of accessing our audio programs. Our reception area is the Columbus Metropolitan area, including Franklin and the surrounding counties. However, our radio signal travels nearly 50 miles, reaching 21 counties and our booster station in Portsmouth serves southern Ohio and reaches areas of Kentucky and West Virginia. We are also available on cable systems in Franklin County and in Franklin County hospitals, the Fairfield Medical Center, long-term care facilities, the Chillicothe Veteran’s Hospital and the London Correctional Institution.

Although the reading programs are designed for individuals living within our radio coverage area, people outside our vicinity can hear VOICEcorps online.  On our website, we provide streaming audio, as well as on-demand audio.  Listeners use portable audio (MP3) players, smartphones and other digital technologies.  This is perfect for transplanted Ohioans who want to keep up with the community, snowbirds away for the winter, people who don’t want to wait for their favorite show to be on, and people living in areas where there is no reading service.

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