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Dog who has dropped his tennis ball in your morning coffee cup reminds you to drink coffee later. It's time to donate to Voicecorps on Giving Tuesday.

Tuesday November 30th is your opportunity to help everyone you know to remember that the Holidays are about Giving.

Make a gift on line at our secure donation page. You may wish to check our Corporate donor matching page first.

Use our Facebook giving portal (and maybe get your gift matched 100%*).

Create your own fundraising page, using Facebook or another online platform you frequent.

Tell your friends and family what you're doing! It's not bragging, you're helping us find people who need Voicecorps!

* Facebook will match gifts to charities on Giving Tuesday, which will add to the benefit we can bring to our neighbors in Ohio.  Facebook (Meta) matching begins on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 8am Eastern Time. Meta continues matching qualifying donations to nonprofits until the $8M match runs out.  The best time to begin your fundraiser is Monday the 29th – and tell your friends about the matching that will happen early Tuesday morning.

The best match will be at 8AM Tuesday November 30th when matching is 100% of their gift. Once Meta has matched the first 2 million, the match drops to 10% until all 8 million has been matched.

Here’s how you can begin:

  • Open the Voicecorps Facebook page on your browser. (
  • Scroll down until you see the text “Create a Fundraiser” on the left side.
  • Click the link for “Raise Money” and follow the prompts.
  • Make your own gift and share the fundraiser to your circle of friends on Facebook.


Thank you for giving us the ability to read newspapers, magazines and other current print to a very deserving audience.

red framed eyeglasses sit on a stack of newspapers

Photo of three types of Amazon Alexa smart speakersVOICECORPS EVERYWHERE

With so many people adopting "tech gadgets" and with those same gadgets becoming easier to use, we're finding new listeners through the Amazon Alexa smart speakers. In the upcoming cooler weather, Voicecorps is focusing on finding people who need our reading service as a resident of assisted living centers, congregate care, or other settings where personal living space is at a premium. The tiny Echo Dot is going to be very helpful for those facilities that have WiFi available to residents.

If you know someone who could be eligible for Voicecorps reading services and know they have internet service and WiFi in their home, please ask them to call us and register for free reading services.  Our number is 614-274-7650.

If you have an unused Echo Dot and would like to donate it for the use of a Voicecorps listener, please securely package the device and send it to:

Voicecorps Reading Service
2955 W Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43204

Thank you for supporting the VOICECORPS EVERYWHERE project!