April 26, 2022
Volunteers Honored at Annual Dinner
By David Noble

On Friday evening, April 22nd, volunteers to Voicecorps were treated to dinner at the Guild Athletic Club. Director of Volunteers Amy Billerman and Executive Director Mark Jividen presented awards to volunteers for their years of service.  “We had some catching up to do” Amy told the diners. “Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t gather for dinner and recognize your achievements.”

Also honored were departing employees Chuck Adkins, with more than 42 years as the Director of Operations and David Noble, the Director of Development.  Volunteers had a chance to meet the new Operations Director, Jack DeVoss, The search for a new development executive continues.

Here is a collection of photos from the dinner. We hope you’ll help us celebrate the many years of dedicated service by some truly generous volunteers. Please note that the years of volunteer service mentioned here may reflect an anniversary that occurred between 2020 and now.