April 13, 2022
Voicecorps Everywhere
By Mark Jividen

90% of Ohio’s eligible population can hear Voicecorps

Listeners may have already heard the phrase “Voicecorps Everywhere” when they listen to Voicecorps on a TV, radio, PC, smart-speaker, or tablet and they, or you likely wondered what we’re talking about. It’s a phrase I’ve coined to cover a multitude of additional service outlets we’re in the process of launching.

It began when we kept hearing from Ohio residents who wanted a reading service but were outside our range. I found it intolerable that we had such a high quality service and people only a few miles away didn’t have any! With some support from the State, we were able to establish working agreements with WBGU-PBS in northwest Ohio and then too, with WOUB and WOUC-PBS in Athens and Cambridge. The television stations are re-transmitting our signal on the SAP channel of one of their digital TV channels.

The project will soon also include a set of new, “virtual” channels that are easy to find on the television without the need to see on-screen SAP settings. We’re very excited about these new opportunities. They are making reading services available to more than 120,000 eligible Ohio residents. That’s up about 82,000 from the excellent range of service we enjoy with long-time partner in service, WOSU-FM. When you consider the service we’ve had in Portsmouth for many years on WNXT-FM, Voicecorps is truly a full-fledged network of stations.

You’ll hear more about that in an upcoming newsletter, but for now I want to thank you for being a volunteer with Voicecorps and for sticking with us as we navigate the stormy weather of COVID and it’s variants. Oh, and if you know someone with marketing or technical skills, we’re looking for a few additions to our staff! With your help, we’ll make Voicecorps Everywhere a huge success.